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Avoid stressful delays in your passport or visa application.

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We also do international Visa photos

Do you have to renew or apply for a New Zealand passport?

If so, you’ll need a new passport photo that meets the application requirements of the NZ Passport Service, or its overseas equivalents if you’re applying for an international visa. If you send in photos that don’t measure up, then your passport or Visa application can be delayed.

To get this sorted properly, it’s a good idea to visit a professional photographer who understands exactly what’s required.

If you’re in the Hutt Valley, drop in to our studio and we’ll take the stress out of getting your passport or visa photo taken – you won’t need to make an appointment, and your photo will be taken, processed and provided to you promptly.

We specialise in passport photos for children and babies.

We understand passport photo requirements


With our excellent track record, we can virtually guarantee that passport photos taken by us will be accepted by the NZ Passport Service. We’re all set up to take photos that meet what the authorities need, including: correct lighting, distance to camera, centred, full-face image, background contrast.


International Visa photos

Each country has its own regulations covering passport and visa applications.

If you’re applying for overseas identity papers, we can check what your destination country requires, and make sure your photo passes muster.

What to check before you get your passport photo taken

Before you come into Hutt Cameras to have your passport photo taken, check that your appearance, glasses, and clothing meet the official requirements. The photo we take has to be a true likeness of you – it’s against regulations for us to digitally alter or enhance the image if your hair is too long, or if your prescription glasses are tinted and hide your eyes, for example.

Avoid delays taking your photo: read the information about passport photo requirements on the NZ Passport Service website.

What happens once we’ve taken your picture

It only takes a few minutes to get your passport photo taken with our high-quality DSLR camera, and experienced photographers.

We use dedicated software to process your passport photo to make sure the technical requirements are met. These include aspect ratio, format, file size, image dimensions, and paper quality if you want your photos printed.

The NZ Passport Service recommends that you apply to their online passport service with a digital photo. This avoids the risk of damage to printed photos submitted in the post, and the possibility of an unsuccessful application as a result.


Bon voyage!

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about getting your passport or visa photo taken.

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